1. INTELSOL conference

Use of artificial intelligence in business

21.2.2024 at 11.00

od 11.00 do 14.00
3 hours of lectures


Lecture content

Immerse yourself in the world of artificial intelligence and discover how it is changing the business environment. Our event is intended for entrepreneurs, business managers or to all those who want to leverage artificial intelligence for growth and innovation.

Part 1:
Understanding AI

  • What is artificial intelligence
  • How artificial intelligence works
  • AI in everyday life
  • Pros and cons of artificial intelligence
  • Part 2:
    Use of artificial intelligence in companies

  • Taking advantage of AI for business
  • AI for content creation and management
  • Operational efficiency and productivity with artificial intelligence
  • Fundamentals for incorporating artificial intelligence
  • Why attend?

    Gain new skills: Insights into the knowledge of artificial intelligence experts.
    Practical Applications: Learn how artificial intelligence can be practically used in various business functions.
    Networking opportunities: Meet like-minded professionals and potential colleagues.

    Who is it for?

    Ideal for business owners, managers, various department heads and professionals in various industries who want to understand and apply artificial intelligence to their business.

    The conference is NOT of a technical nature, so it is suitable for anyone who has no technical background

    Important information

    Immerse yourself in the world of artificial intelligence and discover how it is changing the business environment. Our event is intended for entrepreneurs, business managers or to all those who want to leverage artificial intelligence for growth and innovation.

    We recommend that you arrive at the event 15 minutes before the start at 10:45


    Use of artificial intelligence in companies

    Lecture content

    Part One: Understanding Artificial Intelligence (1 hour)

    from 11.00 until 12.00

    What is AI?

    - An introduction that sets the stage for the rest of the event.
    - How it is developing and what is the increasing role of AI in the business world.


    How AI works

    - Explanation of how AI works.
    - Connecting concepts with practical business applications, prediction of the second part of the event.


    Using AI in everyday life

    - Transition from theory to real applications.
    - Showing how these concepts are already used in companies..


    The pros and cons of AI

    - An introduction to the positive and negative aspects of AI.
    - Advantages of AI and real life examples.
    - Challenges and concerns, including layoffs and privacy issues.


    Coffee break (60 minutes)

    od 12.00 do 13.00

    A short break with coffee, tea, juices, croissants and fruit in the cafe of the Hotel Occidental Ljubljana.

    Second part: Use of artificial intelligence in companies (60 minutes)

    od 13.00 do 14.00

    How businesses can take advantage of the opportunities offered by AI

    - Strategic integration of AI into business processes: How companies can integrate AI into their business strategies to improve efficiency, innovation and competitiveness.
    - Examples of successful use of AI: Presentation of examples of companies that have successfully implemented AI and achieved tangible results.


    Artificial intelligence for content creation and management

    - Content creation with artificial intelligence: showing how artificial intelligence can help with content creation and editing, including writing, graphic design and video production.
    - Document review and analysis: Demonstrating how artificial intelligence can efficiently manage and analyze large volumes of documents and extract key insights and information


    Improved productivity with the help of artificial intelligence

    - Automating repetitive tasks: Show how UI can automate routine administrative tasks such as data entry, scheduling and basic customer service inquiries.
    - AI assistants in the workplace: the role of artificial intelligence assistants in streamlining work processes, managing tasks and improving overall productivity.


    Foundations for the integration of artificial intelligence

    - Guidelines on how companies can prepare their business and workforce for AI integration.
    - AI solutions that can be adapted to specific business needs.
    - Practical steps for companies to start incorporating UI, including identifying areas for AI use


    Conclusion: Embracing Artificial Intelligence for Success

    - Summary of key findings
    - Opportunities and challenges
    - The way forward with artificial intelligence


    Registering for a lecture

    Join us for this exclusive event to explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the business world. Secure your spot and get ready to dive into the world of AI with industry experts.

    Price: 249,00 EUR

    998.53 AED

    Exclusive accommodation in a small group.
    Number of available seats: 35

    The event is designed for a small group of participants. This exclusive format ensures a more personal and engaging experience for each participant.

    After submitting your application, we will send you a confirmation email with further details about the event.


    Our past events

    Location: Occidental Ljubljana, Slovenia

    On 13.12.2023, we organized the first event entitled: “Use of artificial intelligence in companies”

    Lecturer: Matej Gostiša

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This event is ideal for business owners, managers and professionals from various industries who are interested in understanding and applying artificial intelligence to their business.

    You will learn the basics of artificial intelligence, how it works, how to use it in business, and how to use it for operational efficiency and growth. At the event, you will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical examples.

    No, no prior knowledge of AI is required. The event is designed to cater to both beginners and those who already have some knowledge of AI, providing insights that are valuable at different levels of knowledge.

    You can register for the event by filling out the registration form on this page.

    The event will feature question-and-answer sessions, so we’ll be happy to discuss specific AI applications for your business.

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